PHFMC Core Concept


To catalyze outcome improvements across the domains of preventive, curative and promotional healthcare services and ensure provision of quality healthcare and reduction in the overall burden of disease. 


• To bring quality healthcare especially to those who cannot afford it and live in far flung areas of  Punjab 

• To develop and implement plans of prevention to reduce and ultimately eliminate the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases 

• To reform current healthcare systems and bring automation for system efficiency and data management


Core Values:


We strive for consistency in quality by taking measures for employee capacity building    and quality patient-care


We care for our patients and work with enthusiasm towards our mission of providing quality healthcare


We value the best and set the highest achievable standards for our staff. To that end, we encourage and acknowledge achievement and improved outcomes in patient healthcare services


We believe in diversity and work in harmony while treating each other with dignity, irrespective of the rank and designation of the employee


We accept responsibility for our actions and attitudes while implementing necessary monitoring and evaluation tools


We believe in our vision, values, and commitment to offer the best to patients that we possibly can